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Running Tips for Beginners

Follow these running tips and you'll be enjoying a free, healthy exercise that lets you see the world around you.


Running and jogging are two of America's favorite ways to stay in shape, and with good reason. Not only does running provide the body with necessary cardiovascular benefits, but it gives you the opportunity to see the world, or your neighborhood, in a new way. Running also provides competition for people of all ages and fitness levels who are seeking a little extra motivation.

Running Gear
The most important piece of running gear is a good running shoe. Look for shoes with support for your knees and ankles. Try different running shoes until you find a pair that's comfortable for you.A store geared toward running or a sports store can help you find sneakers to suit your individual needs. They can help you determine if you pronate or supinate when you run, which requires specialized support.


Why Running Cadence is Important


The importance of running cadence is often overlooked by runners, especially novice runners, but this is a mistake. Running cadence is the number of times either your left or right foot hits the ground in one minute, and the best runners measure theirs assiduously.


Concentrating on improving your running cadence can make you a faster runner and help you exert less energy while gaining the same amount of ground. Studies have shown that the world's fastest long-distance runners have a higher cadence than the average runner, between 85 to 95 steps per minute. This number doesn't necessarily change with the length of the race. Instead, a good runner's stride length changes to meet the speed of the race.



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